Thursday, March 29, 2007

Green Goddess

Well, I've wanted a piece by Eamon O' Donoghue (Pig Boy on the forums) for a while now. And finally, after a few speed bumps in the road, I got one. Eamon has a knack for drawing ladies so it was easy for me to choose a character for him to bring to life. Eamon wanted to give the Green Goddess a filmation feel as if she were right out of the classic toon. I think he did a great job.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Queen Mourns...

Today's post is the last of my most recently acquired sketches from Nate Baertsch, and quite possibly my favorite of all of his MOTU work. The somber feel is moving, and made me love this piece when I first saw it years ago. Veena mourning her lost king at his grave. Now, for a moment of silence...

Friday, March 9, 2007

Nate Baertsch He-Man Comic Cover Sketch

Not much to say about this one. Nate's prelim sketch for the comic cover he did. I love it.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Wintery Women

Winter She-Ra and Catra! These great sketches were done by, surprise, Nate Baertsch. Yes, I'm a big fan of his work. These sketches are actually separate pieces but it's easier to post them together as one image.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

MOTU Splash!

Look at this great Masters of the Universe splash!! I'm very excited to finally have a good image of this available. The detail is amazing and every square inch of paper is filled. So many characters!

by Tim Seeley.


I've had this piece in my arsenal for a while but only got a good pic of it until now. There has been a cloud of mystery surrounding this since I received it. Here is what I've learned: The original line work was done by Brett Booth. What you see here are only inks. Not official inks, as this piece was never "officially" inked. The inker, David A. Rivera, used this as a portfolio sample. These inks are on what seems to be tracing paper. Never the less, it's MOTU art and is pretty darn cool.


This Sorceress was yet, another gift. The artist is Jason Martin. I'll dig s little and post more info soon.


This great Magneto was done by the awesome Joe Madureira! Nothing much more to say folks. Less is more with this one. I'll let the piece speak for itself.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Under the Sea

My collection has several big holes in it in terms of artists I'd like to commission, but one of them has just been filled! Frequenting the forums, I've enjoyed Sllohcin's (Ric Nicholls) artwork for years but never had the opportunity to commission a piece from him. Until now. From the depths of Rakash, summoned by Skeletor...enjoy classic Mer Man, Sllohcin style!

I love the mood of this piece; the murky background, the depth, the muted colors, MerMan's anger, the school of fish, those bubbles....and that crab!!

by Ric Nicholls
Digital drawing & colors

Friday, February 23, 2007

Baena: The Lost Files.

by Nate Baertsch
Character sketches

I just dug these bad boys out of my archives. I actually forgot that I had these great sketches until now. I got these in a trade with Nate years ago and never had the files of them to post until now. Enjoy...

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Burrrr, it's Ice Teela!

by Nate Baertsch
Digital drawing & colors

This piece was created by Nate as part of a fan project on the forums. Ice Teela! As with most of Nate's creations, I thought this was great. After inguiring about the original drawing, I was both saddened and amazed to learn that this piece...sketch to final product...was done entirely digitally. Whoa. Fortunately for me, Nate was awesome enough to make me a print and sign it for me.

Check out this thread to see the process of creating this cool piece.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Yep, another Illumina

by Nate Baertsch
Digital colors coming soon

What can I say, I'm a huge Baena-art fanboy. I'm also fascinated with the mysterious Illumina. What better way to temporarily satisfy both addictions? Correct. Commission this piece! This piece has been in the works for some time now and a colored version is coming...should be amazing!


by Bill Sienkiewicz

I met Bill at a con in NY and put myself on a waiting list for this commission. For me, it was a no-brainer who to have him draw. I think his authentic style is perfect for Eternia's overlord of evil.


by Andy MacDonald

A friend of mine attends every comic convention within a 15 hour driving radius. He's nuts but that has nothing to do with this piece or art in general. My buddy made friends with this artist pretty quickly after talking to him at a few different shows. This is my second piece by him, after my friend bought me the first as a gift I was able to get this myself in NY.

Illumina 3

by Mark Henry
My friends rock (when they aren't busy sucking). This piece is one of the many gifts given to me. It was done at some NY comic con.

Illumina 2

I got this piece at a con in NY a few years back. I'd love to get another, more finished piece by this artist Sometime. The artist's name is Buzz. Check out his work.

He-Man & Sorceress

Pencils by Enza Fontana
Digital colors by Nate Baertsch

This is the piece that started my collection. My first commission. I was lucky enough to get this piece when Enza was taking commissions through

Skeletor & Evil Lyn

by Nate Baertsch
Pencil drawing & Digital colors

I commissioned Nate to do this piece to counter my Enza Fontana piece. The general feel is great...dark and ashy. It's evil and I love it.

March To Battle

by Khoi Pham

After meeting Khoi in Philly at the Wizard World Con a few years ago I kept in touch with him via email. Besides the convention sketches I got in Philly, this is the first of two commissions I've gotten from Khoi so far. As I mentioned in his other post, he's also a lawyer. Well, at least was. Not sure now. His comic career has been taking off. But the coolest part of this transaction was his email that read "Sorry bro! I've had a crazy week with this murder case but I should be done your piece in a day or two". Yikes!

Heritage of Grayskull

by Thomas Tolman
Pencil drawing
Digital colors

4HM She-Ra

by Nate Baertsch
Pencil drawing
Digital colors

I saw this in Nate's gallery on and loved I bought it.

Ice Armor He-Man

by Thomas Tolman
Digital Colors


by Khoi Pham

Dark Alliance

by Dave Ferrera


by Rob Brun

Evil Lyn by Texeira

by Mark Texeira

Heroes & Villains Splash Pages

by Thomas Tolman


by Thomas Tolman

TrapJaw Cover Art

Original Masters of the Universe Cover Art
Volume2, Issue 5 Rear cover
by Matt Roberts and Tony Washington

Teela & Zodak Sketches

by Khoi Pham

I met Khoi at Wizard World Philly. What a cool dude. Lawyer by day, artist on the side. Khoi has been busy recently, penciling some cool stuff.

Savage Battle Cat

by Nate Baertsch
Sketch in Pen
Digital colors


by Hannibal King

This was another gift from friends.


by member mattsdrawings
Digital piece

Baena-Vision He-Man

by Nate Baertsch

I commissioned Nate for this piece a while back and wanted a more rugged, barbarian feel to He-Man. This is him as envisioned by Nate (Baena). The Castle grayskull and Zoar were thrown in bonuses! I love this piece.

Fallen Angel

by Thomas Tolman


by Andrew Houle
Oils on wood block

Andy has been one of my best friends since seventh grade when we had a drawing contest in study hall. We drew the UCLA logo from a starter cap and mine was totally sweet.

Andy graduated from Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, MA. When he's not painting he's a dancing machine but that's for another blog. He painted this for me because he loves Mer-Man, MOTU, and me (in a manly way).

I love the school of fish in the background.