Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Under the Sea

My collection has several big holes in it in terms of artists I'd like to commission, but one of them has just been filled! Frequenting the forums, I've enjoyed Sllohcin's (Ric Nicholls) artwork for years but never had the opportunity to commission a piece from him. Until now. From the depths of Rakash, summoned by Skeletor...enjoy classic Mer Man, Sllohcin style!

I love the mood of this piece; the murky background, the depth, the muted colors, MerMan's anger, the school of fish, those bubbles....and that crab!!

by Ric Nicholls
Digital drawing & colors

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Anonymous said...

aby t kzu y, xxx. hme f, vtk zuleyy! pulu y xut ho.