Sunday, March 4, 2007


I've had this piece in my arsenal for a while but only got a good pic of it until now. There has been a cloud of mystery surrounding this since I received it. Here is what I've learned: The original line work was done by Brett Booth. What you see here are only inks. Not official inks, as this piece was never "officially" inked. The inker, David A. Rivera, used this as a portfolio sample. These inks are on what seems to be tracing paper. Never the less, it's MOTU art and is pretty darn cool.


Anonymous said...

The info I got was that it is a commission-piece for Val from Brett. Later an altered version of it was used as a exclusive cover for the Masters of the Universe-comic.


Woo said...

Correct. I was leaving that out, as I wasn't sure if Val would approve. This is NOT the commissioned piece done by Brett. This is merely someone else's inks on tracing paper. We believe he got the image from Brett's website at one time and did the inks from that. Since the piece was previously accessable on the net, I posted this here since I own these inks. But the more I think of it, I'm leaning towards removing this image from my blog out of respect for Val, the original commissioner of the original image.

Rivera said...

Hey woo,
I remember you a while back,I made it clear to you that i inked it over booth samples,its in deed a sample of some of my best inks over booth .booth did not draw on the vellum paper.i don't want to provide a misconception on any of my inks are work that i sell.i feel that i like to provide a good rep so if your going to megacon 08 we can work something is my website.
or just email me.